PopSockets x MagSafe

MagSafe: The New Frontier of Magnetic Accessories

MagSafe is a magnetic technology from Apple built into all iPhone models 12 and newer. PopSockets has an ecosystem of interchangeable MagSafe accessories that easily snap onto your phone, including cases, grips, wallets, chargers, and mounts.

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MagSafe Phone Cases

These cases not only provide protection for your iPhone but also allow for easy attachment of other accessories. The magnetic connection is strong enough to hold your phone securely but also easy to detach when you need to.

Wallet + MagSafe

MagSafe PopWallets magnetically attach to any MagSafe compatible case with built-in magnets to give you an extra layer of protection. It can hold up to three cards and attaches securely to the back of your phone, eliminating the need for a bulky wallet.

Grips for MagSafe

These grips attach magnetically to your MagSafe phone case. With magnets 40% stronger than the industry average, they provide a secure hold while also offering easy removal for wireless charging or swapping out for one of our wallets for MagSafe.

Anker + MagSafe

We've partnered with Anker on this wireless fast-charging battery that snaps on and off magnetically to MagSafe phone cases.

MagSafe Mounts

Our vent and multi-surface mounts for MagSafe allow you to magnetically mount your phone to your car vent or any smooth surface, such as a locker, bathroom mirror, or kitchen cabinet, for hands-free phone use.

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