Introducing PopCase Phone Cases


A Phone As Unique As You

Customizing a phone case, wallet, or grip is super easy. Just upload your photo and with a few clicks, voila, you’ve created a special masterpiece. The perfect gift to give or keep.

Four customized PopSockets products with people, dogs, and art designs.

Easier With PopSockets...

Grip Anywhere

Grips and Mounts make the impossible photo possible.

Easier With PopSockets...

Slim Your Wallet

Now you only have one thing to remember.

Easier With PopSockets...

Stand and Protect

Cases with slidable grips - smart.

Easier With PopSockets...

Show off your style

Styles to express or go Custom to make it one-of-a-kind.

New arrivals

Our Purpose

We work with and support amazing nonprofit partners and impact entrepreneurs through donations, grants, and investments.

"It was the best gift I've ever given, straight from the heart and unique. A real gemstone, so beautiful and a one-of-a-kind grip to hold everyday."

David K.

Polished Malachite

"It's super sturdy and so far the surface of the enamel seems pretty scratch resistant with how much I keep my phone in my book bag."

Shannon S.

Shark Bites Enamel

check 'em out

Easy On, Easy Off

PopGrip & PopWallet+ for MagSafe


Get spooked with ©Disney Halloween Grips.


TikTok X PopSockets

Let us see you flex

Coke Unity 1971

Coca-Cola X PopSockets



Perfect Pair:

MagSafe Grip + Case

Makes charging and gripping a snap.

Perfect Pair:

Mount + Grip

Mount your phone here, there, and everywhere.

Perfect Pair:

Phone Case + Grip

Phone protection with endless Grip swappability.

In The Wild

🌎 Activism at your Fingertips

🌎 Activism at your Fingertips

🌎 Activism at your Fingertips

🌎 Activism at your Fingertips

♻️ Environmental Action

❤️ Social Justice

🐮 Animal Welfare

Recycle graphic in green with different PopSockets products inside.

Waste is Trashy

We've partnered with TerraCycle® to keep PopSockets products and packaging out of landfills. You can even send us your old phone case, regardless of its brand.

Reach for the stars

No matter how distant they might feel

No matter your road, we are on it together. So grab a hand, give a smile, have a laugh, make sustainable choices, and love with abandon. It will make all the difference.