Recycle With Us

We offer free recycling services for all of your old PopSockets products, packaging, and phone cases—even ones we don’t make.

What can I recycle?

Most PopSockets products and packaging (including mailers, boxes and inserts) as well as phone cases from any brand.

What can't I recycle?

Compostable and biodegradable phone cases, PopPower, and Nail products cannot be recycled.

What's the impact?

So far, we’ve recycled more than 150,000 pounds of products, packaging, and phone cases. Our partnership with TerraCycle® has helped us take materials that would otherwise end up in landfills and reuse them to create new things like furniture or watering cans.

We’ve upgraded our US mailers to be made completely of recycled materials, rather than brand-new packaging with a higher environmental footprint. Check out the above tips to learn how to keep yours out of the waste stream.

Here at PopSockets, we are committed to reducing our waste and lowering our environmental footprint. Thanks for joining our recycling initiatives!

How do I recycle

Three ways to recycle with us:

1. Recycle PopSockets products, packaging, and any brand of phone case using the prepaid shipping label that came with your order. Place the label on the mailer your order came in covering the original shipping label. Fill it with the products you want to recycle, and send it in the mail. This program is currently only available in the US.

2. If you don't have a shipping label, you can create an account with TerraCycle® to print a free shipping label here. This program is available in the US, United Kingdom, and Germany.

3. To recycle other plastic packaging and plastic film (from us or elsewhere), check out this list of drop-off locations to find one close to you.