PopSockets Animal Welfare Policy

Out of concern for the wellbeing of animals and the environment, PopSockets restricts the use of animal products in its supply chain as well as the use of company funds to pay for animal-based meals or snacks.

Products: Since its founding, PopSockets has focused on responsible, cruelty-free sourcing practices. We have never used animal byproducts such as leather, wool, or down feathers in products. Instead, we use alternatives, such as vegan leather in our wallets, and collaborate directly with our suppliers to ensure animal-free practices are upheld in product development. Toward the goal of having 100% vegan products, we are phasing out grips that use responsibly-sourced ocean shells, and we are evaluating alternatives to the beeswax in our lip balms.

Testing: PopSockets prohibits testing any of its products on animals. This is consistent throughout all stages of our supply chain, including raw material sourcing.

Corporate meals: In 2019, we implemented a company-wide food-purchasing policy requiring all corporate facilities and events to offer only plant-based foods. In doing so, we ensure that our business practices align with our values, facilitate our employees’ exploration of plant-based food options, and encourage other businesses to adopt similar practices.


Responsible Sourcing