Let's Recycle Everything

In an effort to reduce our impact on the planet, we've joined forces with TerraCycle® to provide free recycling of all your old PopSockets gear—and any of your phone cases, too.

Just pack it and ship it to us and we'll take care of the rest. And never worry about anything going to the landfills.

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What's Recyclable?

  • PopGrips® & PopTops®

  • PopMinis®

  • PopGrip® Slide

  • PopWallet® & PopWallet+

  • PopWallet+ Lite

  • PopChains®

  • PopSockets® PopMounts®

  • PopSockets® packaging

  • Otter + Pop Phone Cases

  • PopThirst®

  • PopGrip® Lips, PopGrip® Mirror & PopGrip® AirPods Holder

  • PopStation®

  • ANY brand of cellular phone case

Here's How It Works


Join the program


Collect your old PopSockets gear


Print your label


Ship it

For more information about our recycling partner, visit