The Future is Plant-Based

Creating a positive impact on the health and happiness of the planet.

Our Story & Mission

Our mission is to harness the power of plants to address climate change and inequality through product and social impact innovation.

Launched in 2014 by former philosophy professor David Barnett, PopSockets makes empowering, fun and expressive products that help people phone better. We’ve sold over 250 million phone grips in 75 countries and now has an expanding ecosystem of related products, including phone cases, wallets and mounts. 

Plant-Based Product Innovation

We see plants as pivotal in increasing the health and happiness of our planet. PlantCore™ is a carefully curated mix of plant-based, fully recyclable materials.

We’ll be expanding PlantCore™ into new and existing product lines using castor beans, canola oil and corn starch to reduce our carbon and environmental footprint.

Social Impact Innovation

Our social impact innovation is centered on partnerships with nonprofits and impact entrepreneurs who are working to increase access to plant-based foods and reduce food waste.

Newsroom Snapshot

Stay in the know with the latest news from PopSockets.

October 5, 2022

Fair Labor Association accredits PopSockets’ Social Compliance Program

September 21, 2022

PopSockets announces The Future is Plant-Based

September 8, 2022

PopSockets introduces PlantCore™ Material for iPhone 14 cases

In addition to making the best products we can, we are dedicated to collaborating with suppliers that share our commitment to transparency, workers' rights, and sustainability.

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