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Before there were PopSockets there were buttons.

And no, that’s not a metaphor. It’s the truth. Because even though our founder, David Barnett, is a former philosophy professor, in 2011 he was just a guy trying to keep his earbuds from tangling. A couple of buttons and some crazy glue later, he had the first PopSocket grip. 

David realized quickly he was onto something big. So he spent the next part of his life perfecting his creation, only stopping for major life events like his daughter's birth and to check the mail. After 3 years of designing, the PopSockets grip as we know it today was born.

Today, we’re a 100+ person office nestled in the Boulder foothills. If we weren’t so busy working on our next big idea, we’d spend a lot more time wondering how we got here. Sure, PopSockets happened by accident. But then again, the best things usually do.