Wireless Chargers

PopPower wireless chargers are designed to making charging your phone effortless, with or without a PopGrip. The recessed center guides your grip enabled phone into the optimal charging position every time.

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PopPower Home works with most PopSockets PopGrips and can even charge through phone cases up to 5 mm thick, but there are some exceptions. Metal interferes with wireless charging, so if your PopGrip contains metal, you’ll need to remove the top before charging.

Metal Interference

A fast blinking red light indicates that a metal or foreign object is interfering with wireless charging. If you receive this message with your PopTop on your phone, it may contain metal and might need to be removed in order to properly charge your phone.

Other Pointers

Some PopGrips—like PopGrip Lips or Disco Crystal—don’t contain metal but are too large to allow your phone to charge adequately or can create other issues when charging, like melted lip balm...gross.

Attention Otter + Pop iPhone 11 users! Due to design differences, you'll need to center your phone (rather than your PopGrip) on the charger to get a full charge.

*Phone must be centered on the PopPower in order to charge, not the PopGrip.

Removing Your PopTop

With a swappable PopGrip, removing the PopTop is simple. Just press down and twist the grip 90° to remove the top. Repeat this step to put the PopTop back on your phone when you are finished charging.

PopWallets and Wireless Charging

Exposure to wireless charging can de-magnetize your credit cards. We recommend removing your PopWallet or PopWallet+ before charging.

Using PopPower Home

PopPower Home is designed to effortlessly charge your phone, whether or not you use a PopGrip. But with a PopGrip on your device, the recessed center guides your phone into the optimal charging position every time. No more waking up to 40% battery because your phone was a few centimeters off-center, or vibrated its way off your charger in the middle of the night.

Positioning Your PopGrip

When using a PopGrip on your device, position grip as close to the center of the phone as possible to ensure optimal charging.


  1. Connect the power adapter to the charger and plug the power adapter into an outlet. The charger’s LED will turn on for 3 seconds indicating the charger is ready for use.
  2. Place your phone backside down onto the charger. The charger’s LED will pulse slowly to confirm the connection. Once confirmed, the LED will slowly fade and remain off during charging.

Charger Status

Connected to power

Phone connected and charging started

Phone disconnected and charging stopped

Metal or foreign object detected or other error

LED Indicator

Solid light for 3 seconds, then off

Slow pulsing light, then fade to off

Solid light for 3 seconds, then off

Fast blinking red light