Aluminum Black


no. 800856
3.6 out of 5 Customer Rating
Aluminum Black — PopTop image number 0
Aluminum Black — PopTop image number 1

Aluminum Black


no. 800856
3.6 out of 5 Customer Rating
Aluminum Black
Select a Base. Pick the one that suits you.
Includes adapter ring.

Make any phone MagSafe-compatible with the included magnetic adapter.

Stays on strong.

Made with magnets that are 50% stronger than standard Apple-compliant MagSafe accessories.

MagSafe base color: Black
Adhesive base that sticks to any phone, or case.
Adhesive base color: Black
Already have a base or wallet? Buy a top only, and easily switch your top to match any occasion.
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Secure Grip

Prop to Watch

Changeable Top

  • Easily swap the top to change your style
  • Functions as a convenient stand so you can watch videos on the fly
  • Easily remove the top to wirelessly charge your phone
  • Allows for hands-free use with the PopMounts. Compatible with all mounts sold today
  • Dimensions: 38.8 mm diameter x 7.7 mm H (24.3 mmH expanded)

Works with:

  • Anything with a smooth hard plastic case; Will not stick to silicone, highly textured surfaces, and many soft cases

Doesn't work with:

  • Gel does not stick "as well" with naked iPhones.
  • While it does stick adequately to a naked base model (and sometimes to Pro/Promax depending on circumstances), it will not stick "as well" as if you used a suitable case.

Swap Your Tops

Close the top flat, press down, and twist 90 degrees to change your top

Build Your Style

Collect tops and easily swap them onto any grip or wallet to change your style in seconds

Improve Your Phone

Hold your phone comfortably, text one-handed, or stand your phone to watch videos hands-free.

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