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Becky Gebhardt has had a 28+ year long career in the field of marketing and ecommerce. She’s worked at some of the most well recognized global brands in the US like Crocs, Lands’ End and now as the CMO at PopSockets as well as several digital startups. She has successfully created innovative marketing campaigns, and connected the dots for brands to fuel global expansion. While CMO at PopSockets, the brand was named the second fastest growing company in the US in 2018, and Becky has spearheaded campaigns like Poptivism, the brands social give back initiative. Becky also Co-Chairs the CMO Council for the National Retail Federation

Walk us through your background.
My background is in brand and creative direction. I was involved in taking the first apparel brand online, as well as several start-ups. In my last company I was responsible for leading the company's digital transformation. This experience provided a natural transition into my current role as Chief Marketing Officer here at PopSockets, where I manage both the brand and creative teams along with the ecommerce, merchandising, and digital marketing.
How did you first get introduced to PopSockets?
My kids were big fans of PopSockets. I remember years ago sitting on an airplane with my daughter and she had her phone propped up with a PopGrip, watching a movie. It was incredible. It was my family who actually found this opportunity. The second my daughter saw a posting for a marketing role, she was like “Mom, you need to do this.” I checked it out, met David Barnett and the team and loved it. It’s a natural fit.
Tell us about your time at PopSockets so far and what you’re most proud of.
I am very proud of what I was able to accomplish at PopSockets since I’ve been here. I joined the company at a really great time. Not many businesses grow as quickly as PopSockets has and a lot of that is due to just how viral the product went. But as time went on, there was a greater need for a bigger team and more refined marketing strategies. When I started, there was really zero foundation and now we have a strong marketing and merchandising team including a creative agency that easily rivals much larger well established brands. More than anything, we’ve really made major strides in becoming a brand and not just a product. That didn’t happen overnight. I’m proud that I was able to help create that reality.
What’s your favorite thing about working here?
The people. I love that I am working with so many young people with so much energy, passion, and enthusiasm for the brand and also for making an impact. I walked into a crazy fun culture with a lot of talented young people and was able to build a great team that I am very proud of.
Tell us about a challenge you face in your role here.
We are moving so fast. Time is my biggest challenge. I enjoy working one-on-one with people and having direct conversations so I can solve problems with them. But when time is limited, it makes it really difficult to do those types of things in-person. It’s just a challenge that comes with growing a team as quickly as we have.
What advice do you have for women looking for mentorship?
I strongly believe in the value of having mentors and being a mentor. It’s now one of my favorite parts of my roles. I feel that my biggest accomplishments in my career have centered around the success of those who I have mentored and lead. I am very proud of being able to help young women successfully navigate the workplace, how to be effective without being overbearing, and how to have the confidence to manage through difficult situations and unconscious bias.
Any final words for young women hoping to achieve executive level positions in their career?
Make sure you have thick skin! Accept criticism and learn from it. Be open to feedback and ideas. Know what you’re great at and know where there is room for improvement. I’ve also always placed a lot of importance on being more of a collaborator and less of a controller. Collaboration will be your true strength and will give you control. You will get more results from partnership, teamwork, listening and having an open mind.

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