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Perhaps you are now familiar with the amazing versatility that PopSockets provide as an accessory on your phone or device of choice. If we take a closer look at this novel add-on you'll find why it's so ingenious. Whether you have a case or not, PopSockets will easily attach to the backside surface of your phone. Our expandable and collapsible design allows two levels of extension on each accordion.  Expand the PopSocket and tilt it in any direction depending on your desired use.  Find the most comfortable grip for handling your device or use them for texting, gaming, headset management, as a multi-directional media stand, or as a hip clip. Then, collapse them right back to a tight and flush position against the back of your phone. In this "rest" posture the PopSockets are almost as thin as a nickel, registering a thickness of about a quarter of an inch off the surface of the phone. Therefore they don't add much bulkiness to your phone or any perceptible change in weight; you can maintain a streamlined look. Your phone will continue to easily fit in your pocket with a pair of PopSockets. Whether you are using a Google Nexus, iPhone 6, Moto X, Sony Xperia, or Galaxy Note, any of these brands will be enhanced with PopSockets.

Due to the integrated PopTek technology -- providing a no-residue, reusable adhesive pad on the platforms of the PopSockets -- you will be able to interchange them between your phone or the backs of most tablets including iPad, Kindle, Note and Nexus, to name a few. Try them out on whatever device you have.

Contact us or head straight to the design studio to customize your pair of PopSockets and let the popping begin.

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