PopSockets Careers

Do you love PopSockets so much that you want to work for our lovely company? Do you live in the Boulder, Colorado area? Check out our current open positions:

Senior Designer
PopSockets is looking for a seasoned product designer to manage its product design initiatives. The position requires an exceptionally creative and focused individual who is ready to infuse creative direction and vision, from concept through to execution, across multiple product categories. The Senior Product Designer will oversee designs across the entire spectrum of physical product creation including concept generation, prototyping, function and cost engineering, aesthetic design and packaging creation. Strategic vision, passion for quality and the willingness to embrace the company culture in its entirety are a must. A wide variety of design deliverables will be part of day-to-day operations, and a wide degree of creativity and latitude is expected. The ideal candidate is a key influencer and decision maker responsible for the overall look, feel and creative vibe of the PopSockets brand. Full description

Senior Accountant, Finance
We are looking for someone who is dedicated to making sure critical accounting processes are effectively, accurately and efficiently completed to support our business and teams in a rapidly growing company. The position reports to the Accounting Manager and will spend approximately half their time in revenue recognition and inventory processes.. Full description

Production Team Member
PopSockets LLC (PopSockets.com) is looking to hire a production team member. We are fun but hard-working, and we're looking for someone with similar spirit. Full description